THE BIG ONE Race Report

THE BIG ONE Race report:

Location: Fen Bilimleri School, Yakacik, Kartal, Istanbul, Turkey
Date: 17th July – 20th July
Organisers: Aytemiz Racing and RatRacers.
Sponsors: Aytemizhobi, RCSkool, Fen Bilimleri School, Team-NCRC, RudeBits, Speedy-Models and TeamDark (FaceBook group for extra carpet donated)

2wd All drivers

The race was to be a 4 day event starting on Thursday and ending Sunday, we had free practice all day Thursday, timed practice Friday, more timed practice Saturday with 4WD quals and finals. Then on Sunday 2 more timed practice sessions followed by quals and finals.

I would like to thank Serdar Aytemiz from Aytemiz Racing for his hard work on creating an interesting track design, we also had a nice crossover jump included in the track. He also made Mylaps practice work with anybody who had the application on their Ipad or Iphone, it was great to see and hear what you were doing as you were going round the track. It alowed you to listen with headphones and meant you could try different styles of driving to see what was best.

The racing and fun was excellent over the 4 days we ran the event, congratulations to all drivers and thanks to all our sponsors.

As the event organisers myself and Serdar learned a lot and we know that next year the event will be even better.

Our next race indoor will be on September 27th which is round 3 of RatRace Summer Series, we hope to have some more ramps done for this event so should be great fun.


There were 2 sessions and I did 1st practice and 2nd practice fastest so all set for qualifying.

Qualifying: The best 2 from 5 qualifying rounds were to count for the grid.

Qual 1
19 laps, 14.026 best time, 16.062 medium time, 1st place in round.

Qual 2
19 laps, 13.965 best time, 15.974 medium time, 1st place in round.

Qual 3
19 laps, 14.016 best time, 16.099 medium time, 1st place in round.

Qual 4
18 laps, 14.303 best time, 16.674 medium time, 2nd place in round.

Job done no need to run in the 5th round TQ was a great result and gave me good confidence.

This was the worst finals for me and I won’t say why, but let’s just say I let the anger in me destroy my chances in all 3 finals, I got 2 3rd places and a 4th place which gave me 4th overall and this was a big dissapointment for me, well done to Serkan Tumer for his winning the event he drove very well and I don’t think I could have beaten him the way he was driving in the finals.

4WD Event overall results:

1 TÜMER Serkan
2 KETENCI Kayhan
3 ÖZTÜRK Kemal
4 HOW Tom
5 MAŞRAF Tolga
8 EKŞI Sedat


After a very dissapointing 4wd race the day before I needed a good result to cheer myself up, my Serpent car had had some changes made to it the night before with some set up info from Deniz who was driving very well in practice. I had made an error overnight fitting what I thought were black springs to the front of my car but were in actual fact purple springs, so after some laps, I saw the error and changed the springs to pink front.

There were 7 practice sessions on Saturday but due to 4WD I did not want to mix the cars up on the same day, so after the 4WD I did one session. I had 2 practice sessions on Sunday morning, the times were good enough for 6th overall and put me with the fast group for qualifying.


Was best 2 from 5 rounds to count.

Qual 1:
21 laps, 14.191, best time, 14.895 Medium time 4th place in heat

Qual 2:
20 laps, 13.835 best time, 15.298 medium time, 7th place in heat

Qual 3:
21 laps, 13.843 best time, 14.845 medium time, 2nd place in heat

Qual 4:
20 laps, 14.104 best time, 15.215 medium time, 3rd place in heat

Qual 5:
20 laps, 14.040 best time, 15.438 medium time, 7th place in heat

Overall qualifying gave me 4th place on the grid for the A-Finals so very happy with that.


Final 1: Starting in 4th on the grid was good for me and at the start there were a lot of drivers who could go for the win, I made an error and a marshall put my car on the up slope of a ramp and when I hit the throttle the car spun and flipped over again, by which time I was in last place so this destroyed my chances of a good place, marshals need to be careful and also I needed to be careful, small errors in a field of drivers like this can end your race. Deniz Aksut came 1st with his Serpent.

Final 2: Again a bad one for me, as I came around the last corner I think it was of the 1st lap, a marshal was stood inside and blocked my veiw of the track (not marshals fault) and what was worse a car which had crashed, my car hit the crashed car and sent me into the soft barriers, the marshal at that position did not see my car for 10 seconds even though spectators and other marsshals were shouting to him, so again I came out in last place. Disaster. Deniz Aksut came 1st again with his Serpent, so he had wrapped up the race, well done to him. Murat Yazici came 2nd with his Serpent so a good one for him also.

Final 3: Out of any sort of podium position for me and with nothing to lose, I went into the last round with an open mind and determined to finish the race with a good result. After lap 2 I was 4th up to 2nd so a great start, 2 laps later I got caught in some accidents and was then 5th, I kept on driving and everyone began to settle down. I managed to claw my way up to 1st place for the last 4 laps and ended in 1st place so very happy to have done this.

My overall result was 6th place so not bad considering the bad luck I had. There were a total of 4 Serpents in the top ten so a great weekend for Serpent Turkey.

Here is my Setup for the race.

Setup for THE BIG ONE July 2014

2WD Event overall results:

1 A-Final AKSÜT Deniz
2 A-Final GÖKBULUT Cengiz
3 A-Final YAZICI Murat
4 A-Final OZDEMIR Batuhan
5 A-Final SARAFYAN Alain
6 A-Final HOW Tom
7 A-Final Duzgit Kerem
8 A-Final YILMAZ tolga

1 B-Final KAYA taner
2 B-Final ÖZŞENER Selçuk
4 B-Final TÜMER Serkan
6 B-Final MAŞRAF Tolga
7 B-Final OZDEMIR Baris
8 B-Final ARABACI Kemal

1 C-Final YERLIKAYA Gürsel
2 C-Final KESER Ilker
3 C-Final öztürk cemrehan
4 C-Final TAŞYAKA Hakan
5 C-Final YENIDUNYA Yasin
6 C-Final ÖZTÜRK Ahmet
7 C-Final EKŞI Sedat

Looking forward to the next indoor race on September 27th for the RatRace Summer Series round 3, 2WD and 4WD and maybe even SCT if we have enough drivers.

Thanks to my sponsors for their support. Serpent Turkey, AytemizHobi, Team-NCRC, RudeBits, SpeedyModels, RW Racing and Dip Brothers.