Team NCRC offroad weekend

My weekend offroad racing at Team NCRC was a great weekend.

2WD Saturday

The racing part had many ups and downs for me and I definitely crash tested the RB6 well, practice was full of problems mainly the driver 🙂

I have never raced on carpet before which was a very different experience for me, the car was a bit aggressive on the speed controller but at the end of qualifying rounds I managed 3rd on the grid which I was happy with and 13 laps was good for me in 5 minutes so I was on pace.

The finals were a disaster, 1st one my front steering turnbuckle snapped after a collision, the second final I made too many driver errors and in the last round I lasted 2 laps before the steering arm snapped in yet another collision but hey ho at least I know my weaknesses and the cars weaknesses.

My weaknesses were the nerves the cars weaknesses were the driver and some parts need beefing up to cope with the driver which are on their way.

4WD Sunday

I watched the Sunday 4wd races due to no car (Umut offered me a car on Saturday to use but i declined, thanks for the offer) but learned a lot during the watching of the races, I took some video of the finals which I will edit and upload as soon as I can.

Big thanks to Umut and all the guys at Team NCRC for their help and hospitality over the weekend. Looking forward to my next one 🙂

Congratulations to Deniz for making a clean sweep in 2WD and 4WD