Team NCRC Jump Buggy Jump

On 8th March I flew to Northern Cyprus to race 4WD and 2WD indoor offroad carpet race at Team-NCRC, the event was the 2nd one in the series called “Jump Buggy Jump” and was promising to be a good event for a few reasons.

Reason 1: My good and close friend Tony Evdoka owner of Rudebits (Koyosho UK Team Manager 1/10th Offroad) was on holiday in Cyprus and promised to drive up and race with me. This was the first time I had seen him for over 3 years and the first time we raced together for about 15 years, so this was enough to get me looking forward to the weekend.

Team NCRC Jump Buggy Jump 4wd 1

Reason 2: A chance to race my Mid Motor Serpent 2WD buggy for the 2nd time, also having Tony there with his immense experience meant that maybe he could give me some tips.

Saturday 4WD day

Anyway so it is Saturday morning at 2am, time to wake up and get to the airport with my 20 KG suitcase with RC stuff and 3 KG small bag with clothing etc 🙂 to catch my early flight, no sleep on the plane with too many chatterboxes on board. The flight left at 5.50am and landed at 7:15am where I was met by Umut Turkay owner of Team-NCRC track and shop. He had come to pick me up which was great for me as it meant being so tired I would have probably got lost.

Arrived at the track to see this amazing dangerous looking track with what I nicknamed the wall of death (which did not cause any car breakages at all I might add) You can see it just behind these two guys on the left.


The track was really good fun, and the best I had driven so far, so thanks to Umut for the good design.

So with that I decided to start setting up a space for me and Tony who had not got there as yet, when he arrived we got to talking and talking, suddenly we were needing to get buggies ready and I had no tyres on my wheels as yet for the 4WD which was the Saturday event.

Put the tyres on and settled into practice and qualifying with my XB4, my day was good but Tony’s was better, as expected he won everything, practice, qualifying, all three finals. I ended up qualifying 6th and ending 6th so ok.

All day Tony was treated with great respect by all the drivers who were there and he was helping everybody all day Saturday and Sunday, everyone learned a lot from him and they were very grateful to him for his time and patience.

We finished racing and got to our hotel at around 9.20pm, very tired so we went to the restaurant for our dinner and more chatting.

Sunday 2WD day

This was the day I had been looking forward to all week, and Tony gave me some setup help and once the practice sessions were done my car was good and I felt really good for Qualifying.

Session 1: Got beat up by a few drivers and lost my rhythm and concentration so this was one for me to drop.
Second session: Was a fantastic start with my best medium times and consistency until, the 9th lap when I came off the small wall (error by me) went into the side of a jump. This broke the chassis and bulkhead so race was over for me.

mm chassis and bulkhead 2

Although disappointing  for me I learned so much and the car was now sorted for indoor race at RatRace round 4 next week. So broken car but happy.

I settled in for watching the quals and finals, of course Tony did a clean sweep but not without some real good competition from Deniz Aksüt (Serpent Rear Motor buggy) I was impressed with Deniz as he was getting quicker all day.

The finals were all Tony followed by Deniz so they were very good to watch.

A great weekend with lot’s of ups and downs in more ways than one.

Thanks to:

Tony Evdoka for his help.
Umut Turkay for the weekend.
Serdar Aytemiz for his support with the car.
All the drivers for the fun.

Role on 22nd March and RatRace Final round 🙂