Serpent sponsorship for 2014 and 2015


recieved some excellent news this week, Serpent have offered to sponsor me which is the best news I could get.

I will run under Serpent Turkey (Aytemizhobi) and will run All electric offroad classes as well as being the Serpent Turkey Offroad Team Manager.

Cars I will run:

1/8th with the Serpent Cobra BE 2.0
1/10th with the Serpent SRX-2 MM and RM

I will also run a few onroad classes for fun

1/10th onroad with the Serpent ERYX 3.0 (when it is released)
1/10th Formula One with the Serpent F110

Offroad Team Manager:

my main role will be to help and support all Serpent offroad drivers and get reports from them after races, I will also collect setups and distribute to all Serpent drivers from my Dialedsetups account, facebook and my website

I would like to thank Serpent and Aytemizhobi for this sponsorship, I have put a lot of hard work in over the past year to promote 1/10th buggy racing and I would like to think it has been a great success with RatRacers and the RC Skool I run for students at Fen Bilimleri School here in Istanbul. It was this primarily that got me in the position of the sponsorship offer.

I would also like to thank my other sponsors for their continued help and support


aytemiz big Aytemizhobi (Serpent Turkey main sponsor of Serpent cars and parts)


team ncrc big Team-NCRC (supply me with RC car accessories)


speedymodels SpeedyModels (supply me with HPI saddle pack batteries)


rudebits RudeBits (supply Rudebits accessories)


dipbrothers DipBrothers (supply me with custom water transfer printing)


rwracingfixed rounded RW Racing (supply me with pinions and spur gears)