RatRace Winter Series Round 3 of 4

The weekend did not start well for me this time, whilst building the track on Friday night with my RCSkool students and Serdar I decided that it would be a good idea to fix one of the ramps but instead of screwing the screw into the ramp I managed to screw into my hand with the power drill screwdriver bit. Not a good idea as then had to go to hospital to have stitches. Worst part was it was the hand I use to hold radio and work throttle.

After that tiny error, I got help from some club members in putting the track together on Saturday morning as I could not use my hand in case the stitches came out.

Race: RatRace Winter Series Round 3
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Race Class: Super Stock (13.5t no timing)

Umut Türkay of Team-NCRC and MKT Racing
Tony Evdoka of RudeBits
Alexander Evdoka, Michael Evdokas and Richard Evdoka The Dip Brothers
Neil Stubbington of RW Racing

Pro Stock Buggy:

Car: Team Xray XB2 (2016)

Practice: There was one sessions of practice and I was really consistent getting 2nd fastest, so a great start to the day. The XB2 was good..


Round 1: I had a good start to qualifying getting 2nd overall but not fast enough as yet

Round 2: In this round I had a problem with my car as the rear camber link popped off, so that round over.

Round 3: Still not really fast enough needed to try something more but came 3rd overall.

Round 4: The car was quicker but I was making too many errors so pulled off the track and settled for 3rd overall.

3RD on the grid for the 3 A-Finals


1st final DNF Landed awkward off the ramp before the straight and ripped out the camber link, took the car back to the pits to remedy. Had to make the link shorter as the ball end had not got enough thread to grip properly. Funny as in UK had no such problems.

2nd Final An excellent race with Cem, we swapped 1st position a number of times, I ended up 2nd place but very close and car was good, I was suffering a bit of under-steer, but too late to try anything else.

3rd Final I had to have a good last final result to get 3rd overall as John Knight was really close to me, in fact if I had not got 18 laps in my 2nd final he would have taken 3rd. The racing was so close between the top 4 drivers and it was great fun.

Also on another note Alain Sarafyan ran his Xray XB2 in the mod class and had a very close 2nd overall, great to have him driving the Xray and we are now sharing setup ideas, at the next race I will try his setup as it was much softer than mine and seemed good.

Thanks to all my sponsors and friends for helping with the track.


One more round to go for the Winter championship, here are the standings so far, it is very close for top 2. Hopefully 3rd overall will stick 🙂

2wd stock round 3