RatRace Winter Series Round 2 of 4

Had a great weekends racing, Short Course Truck came 3rd overall and 2WD Pro Stock came 3rd with my Xray so good result for the old boy

Xray car was perfect, so easy to drive and if my hands had stopped shaking maybe would have been a better result

Race: RatRace Winter Series Round 2
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Race Class: Super Stock (13.5t no timing)

Umut Türkay of Team-NCRC and MKT Racing
Tony Evdoka of RudeBits
Alexander Evdoka, Michael Evdokas and Richard Evdoka The Dip Brothers
Neil Stubbington of RW Racing


Car: Serpent SRX SCT

I decided to blow the cobwebs off my SCT as nobody has offered to buy it from me, borrowed some 2nd hand tyres from my mate Utku as mine were bald.

Had lots of fun with the SCT guys, banging and bashing a bit in the race. The car was good just lacked the grip really needed.

I qualified 4th on the grid and got reay to race the three finals.

1st final went a bit wrong, ended 5th so not happy with my performance, made too many errors due to grip being lower on warn tyres.

2nd and 3rd final went a lot better and came home in 3rd place in both, this secured me 3rd overall so happy with that.

Pro Stock Buggy:

Car: Team Xray XB2 (2016)

Practice: There were two sessions of practice and I was really consistent getting fastest in both heats, so a great start to the day. The XB2 was good so no changes were made.


I got TQ in the first 2 rounds over Utku, but then things started to get a bit quicker, in round 3 both me and Utku were on pace for 18 laps, everybody else was on for 16. Utku beat me by 2 seconds and we both did 18 laps, great racing and smiling all over my face.

My last 2 quals were not so good so I ended 2nd overall for the final races.


Round 1: Was a great start a lap ahead in 1st place and another 18 laps, Utku had problems with his car.

Round 2: This was a disaster for me getting knocked off so one to forget.

Round 3: As best of 2 from 3 rounds counts I had to get a good result. at the 2nd corner on the first lap both me and Cem collided (racing incident) he hit me at the back, he waited and by the time we were back on track we were last. I made a few errors trying to claw my way back up the positions, I managed to secure 3rd place in the final, Me, Utku and Cem were all on 18 laps so a great finish after a disaster start.

I ended 3rd overall on the day and 3rd in the championship standings, so some good points collected with 2 more rounds to go.



overall after round 2

A-Final Round 1:

A-Final Round 2:

A-Final Round 3: