RatRace Winter Series 2WD Round 3

Event: RatRace Winter Series Round 3 of 4
Class: 2WD 1/10th Buggy
Car: Serpent Spyder SRX-2 MM
Surface: Carpet
Location: Fen Bilimleri School, Yakacik, Kartal, Istanbul, Turkey
Date: Saturday 1st February 2015
Series Sponsors: Organisers: Aytemiz Racing and RatRacers.
Series Sponsors: AytemizRacing, RCSkool, Fen Bilimleri School, Team-NCRC, RudeBits and Unicol

The 2WD was held on Sunday and I had no time to practice with my car on Saturday so I had to try and get up to speed, I had already driven SCT and 4WD on the same track so at least I had an idea.

There was only one practice session and it was the seeded practice, I seemed to be getting around the track ok, but after a few laps the race director said my transponder was not working, I pulled off the track and sure enough the wire was broken, I quickly changed to another transponder but by the time I got back out on the track I only managaged 4 laps and scruffy ones at that. This put me in a lower qual group and that was going to be hard as I would be coming up on slower drivers.

Was a bit of a disaster due to traffic and I could not get enough clean laps in to get me into the A-Final, but ok no problem B-Final it was to be, I was top ten for the day so good. The car was awesome and I had no issues or changes planned for the finals.

We had some excellent close racing and I was enjoying it so much, the first round I managed to get 2nd place from 3rd on the grid and 18 laps which was the best I had done all day. 2nd round I had 1st place overall again some good close racing was had there. In the last final I pushed to hard and made silly errors trying to get 1st place, but I ended up 3rd and with the 1st two heats being 1st and 2nd I was 2nd overall in the B-Finals. I ended up 9th overall for the day so not as many points as I wanted but still I enjoyed racing with the guys in the B-Final so much, we had great fun and very close racing.

So the next round I need to have a good result to finish in the top 10 of the championship, I have a few new things to try on my Serpent Spyder SRX-2 MM.

I would like to thank all my sponsors for their help and support.





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RW Racing

Dip Brothers