RatRace Summer Series Round 3 4WD Win

Event: RatRace Summer Series Round 3
Class: 4WD Offroad 1/10th buggy
Location: Fen Bilimleri School, Yakacik, Kartal, Istanbul, Turkey
Date: Saturday 27th September
Organisers: Aytemiz Racing and RatRacers.
Sponsors: Aytemizhobi, RCSkool, Fen Bilimleri School, Team-NCRC, RudeBits, Speedy-Models and TeamDark (FaceBook group for extra carpet donated)

Saturday  I am joint organiser as RatRacers is my club and on Saturday we had to lay the track and get it ready for the weekend so it is always tiring for me. I would like to thank everybody that helped me with the track on Saturday morning.

Saturday was the 4WD race and I am leading the championship with my Team Xray XB4, I needed a good result to keep my lead so I had to perform as well as I could.


We had 3 rounds of qualifying and the best 2 from 3 would decide the start order for the finals. I started 3rd for qualifying and so round 1 was to see a few errors by me but a solid 2nd place, round 2 was better performance but 2nd place again, so with two 2nd places I was going to start 2nd on the grid for the finals.


So with 2nd place on the grid I had a bit of work to do as Kayhan Ketenci was very quick with his Team Durango car.

Heat 1:

The start was a disaster as Kayhan was in front of me on the grid and he had an electrics problem, I went but he didn’t and I hit him so the other drivers passed us both, now I had some work to do as I was 3rd. Slowly I managed to claw back the other guys but then an error by me set me back to 4th place, Kayhan at this time had a problem with his steering servo coming undone, I worked my way back up to 1st place and held it for the last 4 laps. A great but shakey start.


This was the heat I needed to win to ensure my first place overall, so being a bit nervous (yes even at the age of 51) I was being too cautious and slow for the first 2 laps, I then picked up 1st position and led the race for the last 15 laps and made 17 laps total which was one lap ahead of the field. Very happy with my win and more importantly my maximum points for the championship.

The championship:

I now have a good lead with 2 wins and a 2nd place, Kayhan is the only threat to me with 1 win and 2x 2nd places. With one round to go I need to finish 1st or 2nd to win, so I am praying for my Xray and myself to have a good last round on November 1st.

My Team Xray XB4 has performed very well for the championship so far even though it is the first edition car and not the updated version.

Sponsors: A big thanks to my sponsors





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