Sunday morning

I got to the track early as I had not even tried the car around the track where as most of the 2wd drivers had practiced on Saturday and were ahead on setup etc.

4 laps in and a broken chassis and bulkhead which meant I had to stop and do some repairs, I had a spare chassis and bulkhead, but this was the only chassis I had so I had to be cautious for the rest of the day which was not the best position to be in at the start.


Went ok and I got 4th overall which meant I was in the top group for qualifying, so job was done and I was happy to be there. I seemed to be running out of power after about 3 minutes which I am thinking is a battery problem as I could not make the triple as easy as I could in the first 3 minutes, nothing I could do about that so another little problem to drive around.


Did not go so well with driver errors and fatigue creeping in on the old boy 🙂
I got 7th, 6th ,7th and 7th which best 2 counted, due to some good driving in the 2nd group this meant I started at the back for the finals in 9th position. Not the best place to be but at least I was there for the A-final.

The Finals

Were best 2 of 3 rounds so I really had to make the best of each one and hold back a bit as I knew there would be some errors made and opportunities for me to move up. I managed to get 6th in round 1, 8th in round 2 and another 6th in round 3. Somehow this placed me in 9th position overall which was because of other drivers scoring a few better places. When I looked at the results I saw there were 2 points gap between 5th to 9th place so this was a close one.


I was a little disappointed but with the problems I had I was ok with finishing in 9th place.

I would again like to thank all my sponsors for there help

Serpent, AytemizHobi, Team NCRC, Speedy Models, RudeBitsDip Brothers and RW Racing.