My First On Road Race

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My first ever onroad race

I have never run any on rod races before I have always run off road so this day was to be a new experience for me, my main aim was to qualify for the B final if possible. I had bought the new Serpent ERYX car so I was all set and ready.

Well I had a great day at the Bumod track with Serdar Aytemiz running the race day for Team 212 , everybody made me welcome and Mustafa Alp helped me a lot by checking the car set up as well, once he had done that I was ready to try my first laps.

Practice session 1

Rules were best 3 laps timed would count to qualifying group out of 3 runs, anyway problem number 1 No grip on corners and no jumps J

The grip was an issue shared with other drivers and Mustafa also had big problems, the rear end just would not stay still round the corners so the driving style was very slow in, round and out of the corners which was very frustrating for me. End of practice 1:41.192 was my best 3 laps which was 4th in group.

Practice session 2

1:31.694 and fastest single lap time in group, so very happy at this point but still no grip, I just tried to be steady round the corners.

Practice session 3

1:29.814 3rd in group but now Mustafa was getting so fast and hard to even see let alone race with J

This then put me in group 2 qualifying and position overall was 11th which I was very happy with to say the least.

Qualifying round 1,2 and 3

The rules were best round from 3 so all to do, I was 2nd in my first qualifying which was very good for me, but from then on there was no improvement from me and a few too many crashes, as I tried to get faster round the corners. I did not use any additives in the whole day which apparently was to be my major mistake L ah well this was a day for fun as far as I was concerned and I qualified for the B Final which as I have said was my target from the start of the day.

B final round 1

I was starting 9th on the grid and was ready to go, I was very cautious on the first lap and went from 9th to 3rd passing the not so cautious drivers so I settled into a rhythm and tried to stay on the track, unfortunately lap 7 was my undoing as I came off the track where the nearest marshall seemed to be miles away, my mistake sent me back to 7th place.

B Final round 2

Again starting from 9th position I was catious again on the first laps, this paid off again as I had a great run in 2nd place but on the last lap I ended up with a shaft drive problem and was placed 3rd in round which considering my time went nearly double for the last lap I was happy. The car had stripped the thread from the c hub and ball joint pooped out which in turn popped my LH fron driveshaft out, so only 3 wheels on my wagon for a slow 44 second lap.

B final round 3

This was a disaster round for me and too many mistakes, I needed a good result but it was not to be as I was hit by another car (racing incident no ones fault) which in turn broke my c hub on the rh front. Ah well not a good round but at the end of the day I had fun and hit my target.


Final position for the B Final was 6th place which was good for me.

I would like to thank everybody who organised and helped me during my first ever on road race.

Car: Serpent ERYX

Electrics: Hobbywing 2.1 ESC, Speed passion V3 5.0  motor

Body: Serpent prepainted 190mm Lex-IS EFRA 4030

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