First Ever Pro Stock Race Onroad with ERYX 3.0

I had my first ever pro stock onroad race with the new ERYX 3.0 at an asphalt track in Ankara, Turkey organized by Aytemiz Racing and AytemizHobi, here is a picture of the track

race day at Ankara 4

I had some great advice from former Serpent driver Mustafa Alp (thanks Mustafa) and he helped me with the setup, once that was done I started my practice sessions on Saturday.


Only one round which as a new driver was not really enough for me, but that is the way they ran due to time.


There was to be 3 rounds on Saturday and 2 rounds on Sunday, everytime I went out I was quicker and quicker which was my main aim to improve as the weekend went on, I broke into the 14 laps and missed 5 laps by 1 second and 1.5 seconds, so really close. This was very satisfying for me to be quicker, I also ended up 2nd on the grid for the B-Final with Can Duran in 1st.


best 2 0f 3 finals to count so game on, 1st A-Final I was about 2 seconds of Can Duran and missed the 15 lap mark by 1.724 seconds so very close race. In the 2nd final it was to be a fantastic race but with dissapointment as well, Can Duran and myself had a great scrap looking something like this.

Lap 1 Me 2nd Can 1st
Lap 2 Me 1st Can 2nd
Lap3 Me 2nd Can 1st
Lap4 Me 1st Can 2nd
Lap5 Me 1st Can 2nd (Me fastest lap of race)
Lap6 Me 1st Can 2nd
Lap7 Me 2nd (crash) Can 1st (crashed and out)

As Can was out I ended 1st place, but in the crash I had the smll drive belt uknowingly to me had flipped itself over so the teeth were not on the pulleys. So I finished the race with a very strange and slow running car. But what a great race we had.

The 3rd and last final was Can Duran all the way and not as close this time but not miles ahead just maybe 3 seconds ahead of me, again I missed the 15 laps by this time 1.724 seconds

I got fastest lap in all 3 B-Finals as well as a huge great smile everytime I ran the car, it was so much fun to drive.

When I look at the 1st place winner of the A-Final I was only .5 second of his best time and same for medium times so I know and feel I did well for my first ever race and came away very happy.

For anybody İnterested here is my setup from the race, I will be trying a few new things at the next race. Right click the full image to have a bigger sized setup sheet on your PC.

ANKARA Super Stock S411 3.0 Setup Sheet

Thanks to all my sponsors:

Serpent, AytemizHobi, Team NCRC, Speedy Models, RudeBitsDip Brothers and RW Racing.