Fitted Rear Anti-Roll bar to Spyder

I need to prepare my car for the next RatRace here in Istanbul, so as it is indoors on carpet I wanted to fit the rear anti-roll bar to see if this helps with weight transfer to front so I can get more corner exit speed.

First up you can download the manual from Serpent although I was not aware of this so did mine without the manual. I did check after and all seems well 🙂

To download the manual which covers front and rear anti-roll bar click here for the official download from Serpent.

I will only cover the rear anti-roll bar here.

Step1: Remove wheels and wing.

Step2: remove bulkhead ( I cheated and just took the four screws out as it will slide out anyway.

Step3: replace the original bulkhead with the new one, I actually fitted the wire and bearings etc first then slid it in place.

Step4: put the ball ends together as pictures, if like mine when it was over the captured ball end tight, just pinch the sides with pliers to free it up.

Step5: Attach ball end to rear arms

Step6: Slide the wire through the pivots and tighten everything up.


Pictures and video