Final round 4WD Summer Series

Event: RatRace Summer Series Round 4
Class: 4WD 1/10th buggy
Location: Fen Bilimleri School, Yakacik, Kartal, Istanbul, Turkey
Date: Saturday 8th November
Organisers: Aytemiz Racing and RatRacers.
Series Sponsors: Aytemizhobi, RCSkool, Fen Bilimleri School, Team-NCRC, RudeBits and TeamDark (FaceBook group for extra carpet donated)

Two things for this race weekend:

1st thing is I lead the championship by 2 points so need to take the Xray XB4 to worst case 2nd place to secure championship 1st.

2nd thing I wanted to win 🙂


Practice was cancelled due to a late start so we went straight into the qualifying, round one I was fastest so a great start, then round 2 Tolga Maşraf came first, then last one Kayhan Ketenci came 1st so we were all very close, Kayhan got the honors due to getting 19 laps, I was 2nd and Tolga 3rd.

Main Finals:

I wanted to secure the championship for my sponsors so I did not take any stupid risks, I secured 2nd place in the first 2 finals with 18 laps in each, so job done for championship with 1st place, so for race day I was 2nd place so very happy with that.

In the last final nothing to lose and everything to gain I won it with 19 laps and fastest 19 laps of the whole day, this made me feel better.

The Xray XB4 ran really well with no issues at all, great day and great finish to championship.


I would like to thank all my sponsors for their help and support.



RW Racing

Dip Brothers