Final round 2WD Summer Series

Event: RatRace Summer Series Round 4
Class: 2WD  1/10th buggy
Location: Fen Bilimleri School, Yakacik, Kartal, Istanbul, Turkey
Date: Saturday 9th November
Organisers: Aytemiz Racing and RatRacers.
Series Sponsors: Aytemizhobi, RCSkool, Fen Bilimleri School, Team-NCRC, RudeBits and TeamDark (FaceBook group for extra carpet donated)

Final round of Summer series and a few things I needed to do, I wanted to finish in top 6 of series and also wanted to come top 3 in race.


Went very well for me I was 5th in practice so good start


First round I was 5th with 18 laps and fastest time for me of 14.922 and medium time 17.138, not happy with medium time in round 1 but happy with 5th.

Second round was a disaster for me due to some circumstances beyond my control and also some bad errors by me. One to forget

Third round I needed to do 19 laps to secure a place in the A-Final, managed 19 laps and better medium time of 16.480.

7th place on grid for the finals was not great but in the A-final was excellent.


Best 2 from 3 A-Finals was order of the day so I needed 2 good rounds to finish in top 5 of day and championship.

A-Final 1:  A great start and 19 laps to finish in 2nd place which was fantastic for me, after a slow start and making my way back from 6th place after an error to 2nd place was great.

A-Final 2: start of the race from 7th and straight away electrical problems with the car having no power and very slow, this was a big problem for me through the race, I only managed 17 laps as I was over compensating for the lack of power, although strangely I got a fast lap 14.763 so quick, too many errors and 6th place.

A-Final 3: I could not find the issue with the car so had to drive it as was, which actually proved very bad as the car got slower, last final I was 7th.

I ended up thankfully 5th overall in the race day and 5th in the championship so I achieved what I wanted for one 🙂

A great days racing with a few things tried on setup which worked very well.

I would like to thank all my sponsors for their help and support.


AytemizHobi and Serpent Turkey



RW Racing

Dip Brothers