Cobra GT Build

I got up on Saturday morning and thought to myself, let’s start the build of the Serpent Cobra GT car today.

I eventually was free to start it at around 1.30pm.

A lot of new strange things to learn as I have never built a car that has a two speed gearbox or one way come to that matter, so I was looking forward to it.

I am no stranger to Serpent cars as I have the Nitro buggy, Electric buggy and also the 1/12th onroad (build coming soon) and 1/10th onroad cars, so I knew what quality and problems I would have.

The biggest and only problem with Serpent 1/8th kits is you need to have arms like Mike Tyson to fit some of the screws, so after building two off road cars I knew I would be suffering later (my arms are feeling tight as I am typing)

I stopped a few times during the build for food and rest but eventually finished the build at 3am on Sunday morning so actually not bad, considering I was also arranging parts bags and car assembly for pictures also, in fact there are 131 pictures waiting for me to sort and edit for this write up.

I made a few tiredness mistakes along the way during the build but hopefully I corrected all of them, time will tell…..

What I used:

Where and how much?

Evilhobbyshop The whole race kit without electrics was 2000TL (approx €872.00) that includes car kit, body, motor set with pipe, glow plug and small bottle of fuel to run in the engine, that’s a bargain.

I started with this

Cobra GT Pro kit from Evilhobbyshop

And ended up with this

Cobra GT Build finished

Did you know

The GT Onroad car is heavily based on the 811 Off Road buggy, electric and Nitro versions?

I have the offroad buggy from Serpent the Cobra 811GP, this means I can just unscrew my battery box, disconnect steering arm and throttle linkage to the carb and swap straight over, so one set of electrics for both cars, fantastic for me.

I will also be getting the GTE  (electric version of this car) parts for my 811E buggy which will probably cost around 500-600 TL and take around 45 minutes to convert every-time I want to race electric onroad GT.

Tips to help with build

Use a power driver

  • If you can stretch your budget buy a power screwdriver unless you want arms like popeye (I now have popeye arms)
  • Read the manual carefully
  • Check for updated manuals first, currently version 1.1. Go to Serpent for manuals and Go here for setups
  • Sometimes the manual pictures are confusing and unclear in places, I made a few mistakes due to this and tiredness so study the PDF manuals in zoom to see better.
  • Shimming the diffs is problamatic but most just run as per manual and once the car has had a few tanks of fuel re check them, don’t worry too much during the build, the car will settle down after the tanks of fuel and the diffs will bed in nicely for you to re-check.
  • When putting the foam bumper on I struggled, the best way is to slightly trim the foam by the back end and insert the three nuts and screws first, then attach to the shock tower after, this will save you lot’s of swearing at 2 o’clock in the morning, ask my wife 🙂
  • Best tip of all TAKE YOUR TIME DON’T RUSH.

Go to gallery for all pictures and notes

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