Xray XB4 Build

Unboxing (19th Jan 2013)

The car kit arrived last Saturday (19-01-2013)

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but to my surprise I did not want to do it straight away due to the fact I had 2 weeks off from today (26/01/2013) and I managed to refrain from starting, it is now 07.32 am one week later and the first day off, I have started ūüôā so on with the build which will be done over the next few days time permitting.

Here are the unboxing pictures.

Job 1: Super glue the carbon parts

The first job with any car kit is to seal the carbon parts to stop them de-laminating (edges can split and weaken).

To do this we have to have the following available: Super glue, cotton bud sticks (from the wife), plastic bag, permanent marker pen (optional)

Step1: I like to colour the edges black first with a permanent marker pen, just makes the finish look better, so just colour the edges of the carbon fibre parts first.

Step2: Put a plastic bag on whatever surface you are using as this will stop the glue and parts sticking together and stop the glue drying out whilst applying.

Step3: Put some glue in a small amount on the plastic bag.

Step4: Put some glue on a q tip and apply carefully to all edges.

Step5: Wipe any excess glue away from parts.

Step6: Leave to dry and you are done.

Xray XB4 Build 28

 On with the build

Xray XB4 Build 107

I was amazed with the manual and instructions they were so clear, not once did I get confused the build went so smooth due to this. I have built a lot of different cars over many hyears and I have to say that so far this was the best kit I have ever built.

The build went flawlessly and took 7 hours start to finish, just need to do electrics and paint.

Tips from build

  1. When the manual says to put graphite grease in the diff housings, dont do it until you are ready to fit to the chassis as the graphite grease gets everywhere and there is no need as you can get to them underneath just before fitting them to the chassis.
  2. Make sure and to check the latest manual online as there was one important update for the slipper clutch adjustment see Manual update and the image below (January 27th 2013)
  3. The manual is one of the best I have ever used follow it to the letter and all will go well.
  4. When you are mounting the brace accross the motor and slipper husing, install the rear body post at the same time it will save some work later, also if you have your servo mount that before fitting brace.

Now when the electrics arrive I will do a test and a review for those interested.

Now for the pictures