Serpent 411 Eryx Part 1

I got the first ERYX kit in Turkey from and picked it up Friday 8th February 2013, here at the shop also modelling my new Serpent jacket which is superb by the way.

1st one in Turkey

Went home and decided to give the car a name, here in Turkey we have a fruit called Erik (crab apple in UK) so I have called mine ERIK sad but true 🙂

First job was to read the manual NOT!!!! first job was to take photos of un-boxing and then prep the carbon parts.

Editable Setup Sheet

I have created an editable setup sheet for the Serpent S411 V2 if you want it please see the download link below.


Build Part 1

So far I have so much enjoyed this build, much easier and better instructions although some of the pictures were very dark but much better, I recently built an XRAY XB4 and quoted it to be the best build I have ever done, well it has just met its match with the ERYX, so far very easy all parts assemble with great fit and plastic parts don’t require much cleaning off. One massive complaint, no ERYX stickers 🙁 not really huge but disappointing.

No problems with 1st part, you have two options for chassis flex depending on the track and conditions, this involves changing only one part see the picture below

Chassis flex options

Click for build Part 2

Build gallery Part 1