Sakura D3 CS Drift

A new kit brings new experiences

I love looking at the RC drift cars in action, so I contacted Umut Turkay from and look what arrived 🙂

Not a professional kit by any stretch of the imagination but then I am not all that good and I want to do this for fun.

There are a few places here in Turkey to use these and just recently Team Suadiye on Facebook have started to do some meets at a local Go kart track.

Anyhoo here we go.


I decided to install a few necessary upgrades to the car from day one.


from left to right: Ally spur cover to keep spur gear true, Front one way diff and front ultrawide driveshafts.

I also got a spare set of belts as “you never know when they might come in handy” 🙂

Electrics will be Hobbywing just stock black ESC and 8.5t motor by Team Orion.

The build starts

We always start with the unboxing, and there were a few goodies, I then started to organise my workspace, get tools ready, cover the table in case of spills etc, check bags were all there.

First bag was opened and away we went. One thing I always use is a magnetic tray for all bolts etc as they can get lost and also sometimes as with this kit you don’t use all screws etc for just the one bag that is open.

The build started very well, all parts were ok and easy to put together, the instructions are very good considering the price of the kit. Some cars I have built for 3 x the cost have had bad unclear manuals but this one was great.

Make sure you read the first tip below as it can cause a headache later as I found out.

The screws are not the best quality but good enough to start with and I will replace them with some better ones later.

Tip: When doing the front shock towers, the manual says to install the 2 securing nuts which you cannot do without removing the spur gear and adapter plate. So before attaching the adapter plate and spur gear put the nuts in and hold using the screws. This will save time and frustration.


Day 2 page

Gallery of first day