Kyosho RB6 Build

The build is starting today and hopefully all will go well, I have had a few build tips from my good friend Tony Evdoka (UK Team Manager Kyosho)


Here are Tony’s tips.

  1. You must follow the book as its the key. The car will build like no other.
  2. When building on page 12 – build as the illustration 1 not as the updated page, You need to put a 2mm washer under the ball stud – don’t over tighten.
  3. on page 12 part 3 – make sure its on 30 deg – 30 pointing forward no spacer under it.
  4. on page 18 – part 16 – put a 2mm spacer under the inner ball stud – here really you need a Losi 10mm ball stud so you could put a nut underneath but its not a major issue – make sure you don’t over tighten .
  5. Make sure slipper is slipping before the diff does.

I took my time with the build having not built a 1/10th for a long time, 1st stupidly I did not realise that I could build the car Mid Motor with normal long Lipo’s but it’s all good practice as when in the dirt I will need to change to Rear motor layout again. So after building the car on Day 1 Rear Motor Layout, day 2 I decided with some tips from Tony again to re do the car Mid Motor Layout and also change the servo and use LRP 7.5t and Hobbywing Ver 3.0 Speed Controller.


I made mistakes on day one especially with the steering as the instructions were a bit confusing for this old git, so some pictures are of the wrong layout, you will see a little arrow on the block this points forwards YES but goes upside down, see picture below

I also decided I would paint my own body in my colours this time myself, this was successful ish but so long as I do,’ look to carefully it looks really nice.

The major headache was a few confusing parts of the manual and fitting the electrics.

Tony came to the rescue and suggested reversing the battery straps and mounting the speed controller forwards, so without further ado that is what I did.

Quick motion video of build

Gallery of both days