Cobra BE Build Tips

Tips from Kerem Düzgit

  1. You should drill the holes in advance for the screws to go in smoothly.
  2. Clean all screws with a cleaner because they come oiled in the packaging, you need to get rid of the oil.
  3. Before running the car make sure you put an m3 nut and a longer screw on the tower side of linkage uprights otherwise they could come undone.
  4. If you have aluminium lock nuts use them all around instead of the plastic ones.
  5. Take care of the shimming while assembling the diff and the pinion gear in the front and rear gearboxes, to make perfect mesh in between. After running few days, open the gear box and double check the mesh between diff gear and the pinion, if needed add or remove shims

Tip from Alain Sarafyan

  1. When you are trying to find right mesh of shimming, be sure the gear box is empty.

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