Busy busy time

I have been so so busy recently and have let the site get behind, so without further ado:

New School:

I have started teaching English at a new school here in Turkey, I am now at Fen Bilimleri School (FBO), I am teaching 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade, also I am starting 2 new RC Clubs at the school, 1 for 5th, 6th and 7th grade and the other for Prep, 9th and 10th grade. Also someone came up to me yesterday and asked if I would coach the football team the students want to start up, and for those that know me that will make you laugh as I hate football, but I said yes as I don’t want to hold the students back.

New RC Clubs at FBO:

The new clubs will start if there are enough students who wish to join the club, I will find out hopefully on Monday.

The idea will be to use small 1/18th offroad buggies so we can do indoor and outdoor racing, the students will help make the track which we will need to make portable so we can take down and put up easily.

Should be fun if there are enough students.

I have offered them 2 choices of car, Team Associated RC18B2 buggy or the cheaper ION Maverick 1/18th offroad buggy for the parents that do not want to spend as much money, I am getting support from Speedy Models for the Mavericks and from Team-NCRC for the Team Associated buggies.

The new track at Snappy:

The new track at Snappy Raceway is 90% done and we are running our first event there on September 28th and 29th for 2WD/4WD 1/10th buggies on Saturday and 1/8th EP Buggies on Sunday. Details at the website Ratrace we will also run a raffle with some excellent prizes thanks to our sponsors, take a look at the Dirty Rats Raffle page


The track as I have said is coming along nicely and hopefully before next season I will be able to raise enough money to cover the track area in Astro turf.

The track layout

10th track 2

A small video taken with GoPro camera onboard my SCT

 A walk around the track

Working on Serpent’s Mini Sites:

I have been very busy adding new cars to Serpent.com’s new promotion site, take a look at Serpent Promo, currntly working on the new Spyder 2WD buggy site which is very exciting for me as I will be getting one hopefully in time to build for the RatRace on September 28th 🙂

Other website work:

I am working on some other sites and one of which is a shop for RC car dealer in Guernsey called JRRacing, I am using wordpress and woocommerce to build it, it is coming along nicely.

So now this is my excuse for not updating here for a while, and I think it is a good one but then I am biased 🙂