About Tom

Where do I start?

Well I am 53 years old (November 2016), so a bit of a child in my head and a sensible guy (sometimes)


This site is mainly about my RC Racing hobby, I am not a professional by any stretch of the imagination I am a hobbyist. I will be putting life stuff up as well just to add.

I have been a motorcyclist since the age of 10yrs old and this is the first time I have not had a motorbike and I miss it as my wife does too, but it is too expensive here in Turkey.

I have raced bikes in Grasstrack, Speedway, Motocross, Road Racing and on the windy streets in the UK.

I first started driving an RC car with a Tamiya Sand Scorcher buggy back in 1979 when I was 16 years old, I played a bit but left the hobby.

Tamiya Sand Scorcher

My next throw into RC cars was when I met Tony Evdoka back in 1998 and he ran a club near Sunningdale, I did some websites for companies in the RC industry and went crazy on RC cars, not successful as I did not really calm down when I drove the cars and ended up breaking them more than racing them. I stopped racing but kept up a great friendship with Tony to this day.

I played a bit more in later years with my mate Ady from Bournemouth but we just played in the local area bashing.

My next more serious attempt again was in 2010 when I met up again with Ady and we raced at southcoastrc club in Bournemouth, I got back the passion and in my first year back I won the 2wd offroad 1/10th championship and also came 2nd in the Short course truck championship.

Results 2010 and fastest laps

Renewed and pleased I then decided the UK was not for me anymore and moved to Turkey.

When I came here I found an offroad club and made good friends with Serdar Aytemiz who runs Aytemizhobbi and Evilhobbyshop, he introduced me back into the hobby but unfortunately not 1/10th I had to try 1/8th which was really strange and took a lot of getting used to. I am still learning a lot everytime but have met a great bunch of people here and enjoy all of the scene here.

So far I have had a 3rd  in B final GP, 3rd A final GP and a 1st in EP buggies first time out. Not too shoddy!

BuggyBurn rnd3 podium 3rd place A Final