A quick personal update


I have been very busy recently, I got a 12 month contract with Serpent RC Cars to develop a multi network WordPress Blog also an update for the members forum.

I have also been busy building the new 1/10th offroad track at Snappy Raceway, this has been a slow process but I am getting there. This weekend we are rotavating the track surface and removing the rocks and killing the weeds, so busy busy. We will need to then compress the surface down with a machine and then start trying the track etc.

I am going to be working at camp bradley for the summer teaching teenagers how to use RC Cars with some SCT and the VRC Pro software, I am really looking forward to it as it is an extension of RC Skool.

On a sad note my contract at Cevre is not being renewed so I am looking for work at other schools.

In between all that is going on I am trying to break in my new Novarossi motor for my 1/8th offroad Serpent buggy, had a problem with the fuel tank seals which meant I could only do 2 tanks of fuel. So I decided to test my XB4 on the 1/8th track with very good results, I was very happy with the way it handled the rough track so roll on the 1/10th smoother track.