2nd Race Onroad Super Stock with ERYX 3

RACE DETAILS: EP Onroad Pro Stock race at BUMOD track in Bursa, Turkey. 12th and 13th July 2014.

The GP championship organisers invited EP Pro Stock and Mod classes to race at the BUMOD track, so at the last minute I decided to attend. The car was good in my first ever race in Ankara so I made some suggested changes from Serdar Aytemiz for the Bursa race prior to leaving for the track on Saturday morning.

I left at 5am and picked up my friend Can Duran and we caught the ferry (sunrise was superb to see) to Yolava, and drove to Bursa from there arriving at 7.00am.



A very long back straight with some nice technical corners, great track to drive



We had 2 rounds of practice which was good to test the car with the new changes I was running 4th in the first practice and eventually 3rd in the second heat, which was great for me and the car seemed very good, I needed to learn the track and get my head ready for qualifying.


It was to be 4 rounds of qualifying on Saturday with the 5th round on Sunday so best 2 from 5 will count for the grid.
Qual 1: 12 laps 5:18.157, Best Time 25.211, Mediumtime 26.513 2nd place. A great first run with solid points.
Qual 2: 7 laps 3:27.879, Best time 25.032, Mediumtime 29.697 7th place, I had a bad crash which ended this round after 7 laps.
Qual 3: 12 laps 5:17.119, Best time 24.972, Mediumtime 26.426 3rd place, This run was better although not happy.
Qual 4: 8 laps 5:00.552, Best time 34.792, Mediumtime 37.569, 6th place, this was a wet run as it rained just as we started, it was not declared a wet race so we all struggled. This was the first ever wet race and I was not too sure how to drive the car, I ended up 1 lap down on the fast guys so not so good.
Saturday was over and with one round of qualifying to go I was currently 4th on the grid, I need to have a good run so off to bed and rest.

Sunday morning and last qualifying round was very important to improve my grid position, in stock this is even more important as the time differences between me and the fast guys were so close. Make one mistake and it is very hard to catch up.
Qual 5: 12 laps 5:06.901, Best time 24.608, Mediumtime 25.575, 1st place. I had an excellent last qualifying with my best lap and Mediumtime result of the weekend so far. The points from this last qualifying pushed me from 4th up to 2nd on the grid for the finals which was perfect.


We had 3 finals with best two to count for the overall results, so I prepared the car and left it as was with no changes as it was on rails and very fast. One thing which confused me was that the car was overweight weighing 1382 grams, so 32 grams overweight but so fast down the straights some people questined my gearing, when we checked the gearing was correct, so I put this speed and cornering down to the fact it was a Serpent ERYX 3.0, anyway of to the finals.

Final 1: 12 laps 5:04.277, Best time 24.395, Mediumtime 25.204, 1st Place, wow a great run although on the first corner somebody hit me and put me back to 5th place, luckily for me it was the first corner which was the start of a slow section, so quick to correct the car I soon got back into the action to take 1st place. The ERYX was cornering so well I could choose and overtaking line and use it faster than the other cars were taking it.

Final 2: 12 laps 5:16.263, Best time 24.323, Mediumtime 26.404, 4th place. I had an awful 2nd final run with a few bad offs so not good as then I was not in a good position for the overall.

Final 3: 12 laps 5:01.378, Best time 24.423, Mediumtime 25.141, 3rd place. I was running well and until the last 2 laps when I made one error and was passed ending up 3rd place for the round and even though I had the mistake it was my fastest Mediumtime of the weekend so very happy.

RESULT: I was very happy in my second ever Onroad race to get 2nd overall, a great result and a great weekend.

1 Caghan Turna
2 Tom How
3 Murat Cagis


Final Ranking

Thanks to my sponsors for their support. Serpent Turkey, AytemizHobi, Team-NCRC, RudeBits, SpeedyModels, RW Racing and Dip Brothers. Also the organisers TeamDark, Halit Korpe and others.
Also thank you to Serdar Aytemiz Mustafa Alp and Can DURAN for their support and help over the weekend. On our way back I watched the sunset, a nice way to finish the race weekend.


Biggest Thank you to my wife Tugce for understanding my madness for RC racing :-).

Here is my Setup sheet